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Monday, October 24, 2011

Recovery of Sorts

So today was going to be an easy day at the gym.  Instead of using 53x16 I was going to ride in 53x17, a gear significantly enough smaller to allow for recovery.  It allows recovery when one rides at lower cadence and against lower resistance.  This I could not accomplish, however.  The gear felt so easy that I rode at 100+ rpm.  And I decided to ride use my higher gear training zones.  At 200 watts 53x17 is significantly easier than 53x16, as is 220 watts, etc.  That was the theory, but I was sweating profusely anyway.  And my heart rate was climbing too.  During the warm up it hovered in 120s-130s.  I wanted to bring it up to 140s and stay there.  I got to 140s all right, and as riding intensity increased, my heart rate kept going.  I was in 150s for a while, maxing out at 161, about 12 beats higher than I'd planned.  Thirty-three minutes and thirty-three seconds of failed recovery was enough and I climbed off.


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