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Saturday, October 8, 2011


The 100th day fell on Yom Kippur.  Well some ride was going to fall on Yom Kippur and it so happened that it was the 100th.  Completely coincidental; I'm sure there are no Kabalistic implications to the number.  Since I fasted, I was going to go out for a very easy 45-minute spin, trying out my newly-functioning 30x29 micro gear.  But just as I was heading out the door, Jessica said to Sophie and me, "how about taking the tandem out?"  "Sure," we both said.

Sophie changed while I pumped the tandem's tires and we were ready to go.  The tandem fits nothing like my single bikes, but it's adequately comfortable for 40 minutes.  We went up the hill, then back down, then up and down another and so on and so on.  I will say that I rode much harder than I planned to ride and much harder than I planned to ride on an empty stomach, but I enjoyed it much, much more than if I'd ridden alone.  We rode and talked.  Sophie picked the directions we would travel at intersections, and we waived at her friends on the roof of their house watching the Blue Angels.  We spent a few minutes exploring an un-rebuilt house that perished in the Oakland Hills fire of 1991 on top of the ridge.  Then, we whooshed back down the hills and were home again.  What a great way to celebrate the centennial ride.  My only regret is we didn't ride on Centennial Drive in Berkeley.


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