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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Long and Short Of It

Ride 101 was a 58-miler Fruit Stand ride that Howie affectionately -- and catchily -- calls the Fruit Loop.  It was mostly mellow and conversational and at very high cadence.  I was in 30x29 on the steep Westbound direction of Norris Canyon Road, spinning myself silly.  I went at it pretty hard on Pinehurst from the false flat at Canyon intersection all the way to Skyline, but keeping the cadence high kept me reasonably fresh while I was hammering.  A side detriment of all that high cadence is that the tendon on top of my left ankle -- where the shin transitions to the foot -- is sore.  This is the tendon that got tight from disuse during inactive recuperation from surgery.  I'm not a very disciplined PT patient and definitely could commit better to stretching.

And today, I went to the gym for an easy spin, but ended up working hard, feeling very good aerobically, as I did so.  High cadence really bugged the tendon, but I rode through it.  This made walking back to the office after class achy.  Arnica externally and Advil internally helped.  I think I'll have to back off from intensity and cadence for a few days to let the tendon recover.


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