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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meh Again

It's not a cold, but it's something.  I feel weirdly weak in the morning.  The weakness abates somewhat if I eat and abates more if I eat a lot.  That's not a good thing when I'm trying to lose weight, however.

Did a 90-minute class today.  It was an hour and half version of yesterday's class, when I backed off after the warm up.  Had to do it again today: did the warm up and it left me bathed in sweat.  So, during the meat of the class -- steady 50 minutes in zones 2 and 3 with cadence play -- I backed off again, doing the prescribed cadence and resistance occasionally, then going easier when I felt tired.  I felt tired more often than I would have liked, so there was a lot of backing off.  Not sure what's going on but I think I felt better than yesterday.  Hoping for more improvement tomorrow and thereafter.


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