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Saturday, September 10, 2011


On Thursday, David and I went out early for an easy 90-minute ride in hills and a stop at Peet's.  Since I get hyper-wired on real coffee, I've switched to decaf.  That was plenty stimulating. 

On Friday, I still felt bushed in the morning, so I went to the gym for an easy spin, then got inspired to ride harder.  I did half a the class hard, then spun for a total of 45 minutes.  Finished off with core work.

Today, 6ABC (that's 6:00 a.m. Bicycle Club) did the zoo loop at a mellow pace with usual uphill accelerations when testosterone kicked in.  This took three hours.  David managed to double flat at the site of crash 8(a) when he decided to take the turn without braking and went off road.  He managed to stay upright -- kudos to him for that -- but slightly dented his front rim. 

My ride wasn't as eventful, but worth mentioning.  The night before, I'd installed aerobars, figuring that with them I get free speed an extra riding position.  I rode in the bars to go fast and also spent time in them going fairly mellow, just getting used to the position.  With clip-on aerobars eating up space on my 42cm bars, there's less room on the bar for my hands when I'm on the tops.  So, I'm seriously thinking of switching to 44s.  I am pleased with how the bike rode.  Riding without electronics, I had no way to tell how fast I was going, but I felt fast.

As I mentioned, the clip-on takes room on the bar and that leaves very little room for a light.  My solution: Dynamo hub with a lamp mounted on the brake bolt.  I simply moved my light and wheel from my steel Rex, which I've gradually cannibalized for other bikes.  It's a compact and efficient set-up.  Now I don't have to worry about batteries draining prematurely or having to recharge them.  It's a greener way to go also.


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