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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Indoor for Two More

Yesterday, I did another 30 minutes of turning my legs.  Since Friday, I'd been riding my Llewellyn, which I'm liking more and more the more I ride it.  I'm really learning to appreciate the light touch and finesse it takes to corner on it.

Today, I did a fitness test at the club.  You see, the last two days' easy leg-turners on the trainer weren't just about recovering from the weekend, but also about resting before the test.  Briefly, I had a 10% improvement from two months ago and seem to be almost -- not quite, but almost -- back to where I was when I joined the club in December.  Most telling number is that my zone 3 now starts at 195 watts.  In December it was 200 watts.  In July it was 180 watts.  Today, I said "uncle" at 275 watts.  In December it was 280 watts and in July it was 250 watts.  I'm almost there.  Wistfully, I think of where I might have been at the end of March before breaking my ankle.  Oh well, I got there once -- it took three months that time -- I can do it again.  Next test is in late December.  Looking forward to further improvement then.


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