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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back Indoors

Yesterday, appropriately bushed after Sunday's long ride, I sat on the trainer and moved my legs around for half an hour.  That was satisfactory. 

Today, I spent two hours at the dentist getting a crown on a molar, and with my mouth still two hours after I left the dentist, I thought I'd take it easy in class.  But numbness went away.  At the gym, I asked Alex, today's sub, whether I should take it easy or go for it.  He replied that he'd take it easy in my shoes, but I should listen to my body.

So, I got on the bike and warmed up pretty aggressively.  I listened, but the body wasn't saying anything.  I decided to give the class a shot and back off in case I felt residual effects of anesthesia or pain in my mouth.  Nothing was happening other than riding.  We did lots of zone 3 riding at varying speeds and cadences.  It was challenging, but not overly so; in fact, I created my own variations to make it harder.  I wonder whether I should be training at higher power levels because last three or four classes have not seemed that hard.  Perhaps this means that my fitness has improved and my training zones are higher than they were when I underwent testing on July 19.  I think I'll do it in a week or two.


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