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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Semdesiat-piat' (75)

Creative juices for post names running low, I've resorted to Russian.

Did 80 minutes in class, 10 minutes less than the whole because I got on the bike late.  There were 15 riders.  Twelve were riding hard.  Dave was taking it easy.  In the corner, two women triathletes were taking it easy too, yakking almost the entire class.  For some reason their yakking bugged me.  It wasn't because most of us were working hard, sweating our butts off and they weren't, this is not a good reason -- I've taken it easy in classes more often than I've gone hard.  I think I found them distracting.  Normal class environment consists of music, drivetrain noise, instructor's exhortations, panting, sweating, and varying degrees of pain.  These elements are always present, are expected, and even welcomed.  I think their talking was taking me out of my comfort zone of suffering, distracting me from focusing on my riding.  I guess I found that annoying.  If anyone else feels that way about my occasional talking in class, as I'm taking it easy, I apologize and promise to keep my future yakking to a minimum.


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