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Monday, September 26, 2011

One, Two, Four and Five

1. and 2. Back on the Trainer (September 22-23)
During the test I'd asked Kate whether I should do a class hard with Knoxville approaching, and she said to take it easy, so I did.  I was back on the trainer, going easy again for half an hour on Thursday. 
Friday turned into a comedy.  With temperatures in the 90s on much of the Knoxville course most of the week, it was obvious that hydration would be critical during the ride.  So, on Friday morning, I installed a behind-the-saddle-bottle-cage-adapter and two cages.  I had lunch with David and Howie and told them what I’d done and David said he’d heard that those things tend to come loose, but I was confident in my installation and bolt tightening.  In the afternoon, I asked a shop mechanic to install a 12-29 cassette on my Spectrum, which he did, but he didn’t check the shifting.  So, when the time came for my turn the legs on the trainer for half an hour ride and I climbed on the bike, I discovered that the bike's chainline was way off and shifting stunk.  It was 8:30 p.m.  I had to ride and to fix the shifting – crap.
I pulled the wheel off and removed the cassette.  It had a 1mm spacer between the 27-tooth cog and the spokes because dish on that wheel is a bit off and that millimeter was necessary to line up everything just right.  Well, the shop monkey had lost/misplaced/threw out the spacer and I didn’t have another one.  Crap!  Put the cassette back on, put the wheel back on the bike, pulled off the behind-the-saddle bottle cage adapter, got out the Colnago, which had been on just one double – last year’s Knoxville, coincidentally – and installed the gizmo on its saddle.  The ‘Nago has an 11-28 cassette.  I’ll have a somewhat bigger big gear and a slightly bigger small gear, but close enough.  By then it was 9:45.  My alarm was set for 3:20 a.m.  For this day only, I amended my definition of a ride and turned my legs for 15 minutes instead of the usual 30, cursing and shaking my head in dismay as I rode slowly nowhere.

3. Knoxville Double: This one will have to wait until I recover and have the stamina to do the ride justice -- a day or two should suffice.

4. Recovery (September 25)
Half an hour on the trainer while watching World Championship race.  A boring ride and a boring race.  Pedaling feels fine.  Walking and sitting down doesn’t feel so good.  Legs and lower back still sore, possibly also because Jessica and I moved some seriously heavy furniture yesterday.

5. Back to Work (September 26)

Went back to class today.  Kate said to take it easy in the new harder zones and the legs still felt sore, so I decided to do half a class and do core.  I approached new zones cautiously at first, then more aggressively, doing the last of four zone 4 intervals firmly in the new zone 4.  Felt surprisingly good throughout, even thought of doing the whole class, but considering I did a double two days ago, climbed off after 34 minutes and did core.


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