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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where Were We...?

I didn't mean for this post to have an alliterative title, but now that it does, I like it.

On Tuesday, I did 40 minutes in class.  I warmed up mellow-like on my own still nursing my vanishing cold, while the class worked up through progressively higher resistances and cadences, then I joined the class for 16 minutes of alternating high and low cadence Zone 3 intervals, after which my 40 minutes were up and I had to go.

Yesterday, I went out for 30 minutes in the evening darkness in the neighborhood, searching for the steepest hills -- and there are some damn steep ones: Alta, Proctor, Masonic, Florence, etc. -- and climbing them seated (32x27 helps with this) way back on the saddle, staying as low as possible, and keeping minimal pressure on my hands to avoid pulling up the front wheel, at which I succeeded.  Enjoyed this ride quite a bit.



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