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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Riding Better, Still Going Nowhere...

I've had a shop put together my randonneuring bike.  It's my second Spectrum, designed to ride the same as the first, but with fenders, a rack and a handlebar bag.  The rack and the bag are this week's addition and I haven't had the chance to ride it outside yet.  The bike has 190mm cranks with oval Rotor chainrings.  Having ridden round rings for the last few months, going back to oval rings was eye-opening.  It simply feels easier to pedal the bike in the same gears with oval rings and slightly longer cranks (190 vs 185mm).  Yes, I have two variables going.  I'm sure both are contributing to the perceived difference in pedaling, and I don't care which variable contributes how much to the benefit -- I'm just happy to be benefiting.  On this, 135th day, I benefited for an hour on the trainer while watching college football, riding in the big ring during the telecast and in the small ring during the commercials.


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