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Monday, November 21, 2011

... Tied Behind My Back

Since it seems I'm favoring my left leg and overloading the right, I decided to do go back to one-legged pedaling.  As much as I enjoy riding outdoors, it impractical, shall we say, to ride one-legged outside.  So, it was back on the trainer again for the past two days.  Yesterday, I rode for about 45 minutes, watching the Niners-Cardinals game, riding fairly hard during the play and riding left-legged during commercials.  Today, I did the same thing during "Summer of George" episode of Seinfeld, though today the "fairly hard" part was fairly easy.

A dozen squared.

P.S. Today, I replaced my MBZ wagon's 18-year old factory AM/FM tape deck with an unremarkable Pioneer AM/FM CD player with a USB port.  I never figured out pre-set buttons (of which there were just 10 -- 6 FM and 4 AM) on the old stereo, the left speaker was dead and the volume lever was temperamental.  I love changing stations at will and can't tell you how much I look forward to playing my CDs in the car.  Somehow, the car feels less authentic now, but the stereo sounds great and I'll get over it, I promise.


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