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Monday, November 7, 2011


Two more days on the trainer.  My tendon pain has migrated up my leg and is now where one would expect to have shin splints.  A tiny blessing -- pain being higher up the leg, I don't have to reach as far to rub it.  For a change, this case of shin splints came on with no weight bearing exercise.  Two days later, it still aches.  The pain seems duller and a bit more widespread and I hope it'll abate soon.

Meanwhile, the streak must go on and in my lame state I'm reduced to easy pedaling on the trainer.  Yesterday I took it easy, today I rode a bit harder.  It felt fine for a while, but as I picked up the pace, I began feeling it.  It's never so debilitating that I have to stop or slow down on the bike, so I keep going.  Walking it's not so great.  It aches.  The pain doesn't affect my pace, but it definitely affects my gait.



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