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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

80 More

On Monday, I did a 60-minute class in 65.  Today, I did a 90-minute class in 80.  It was 80 minutes of pedaling, with 48 minutes of that devoted to intervals of varying intensity, with 8 minutes of warming up, which is often harder than the intervals themselves.  Today's warm-up was on par with the hard efforts.  Riding with focus, which means concentrating on breathing and pedal stroke, I'd say nothing today exceeded 7 on 1-10 perceived exertion scale.  Riding absent-mindedly, the high cadence, mid-zone 3 efforts would have reached 8 on PE scale.  I was focused most of the time.  Skipped the last 153-minute interval, as I had to return to work.


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