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Monday, August 29, 2011

Updates, Updates

Lots and lots of catching up to do.  So much has happened and I’ve had so little to say about it until now.  On Thursday, August 18, I did a hard class.  Next day, I just spun my legs for half an hour.  Saturday, I barely managed to keep the streak going with 30 minutes of very slow leg turning on the trainer from 9:00 to 9:30 p.m., while reading Born to Run, a book about ultramarathon runners in the US and long distance running Tamahumara Indians in Mexico.   So, yes, hardly any effort those two days.

And that’s because I was tapering for Napa Century, er , pretentiously named Tour of Napa Valley.  The Napa Valley part of the ride was the part I don’t like actually – riding up and down Silverado Trail.  Yes, it’s fairly scenic, ringed with the hills separating Napa County from Sonoma County to the west and Lake County to the east, and vineyards and faux chateaux everywhere, but it has too much traffic, many of the drivers wine tasters, which makes me feel unsafe.  Also, I don’t like riding on flat.  Perhaps because I don’t ride on flat much, I ride harder than I want.  The terrain pushes me to go harder than I ride uphill, for example, and when the time comes to climb, I’d left my legs on the flat, and have to back off and recover.

Well, Howie and I rode Napa Century (click the hyperlink to read that account), then I recovered a lot.  Read all about the recovery and what followed in the post above.


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