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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

45 in 4

Another hard class at VeloSF.  After a warm-up that included forays into Zone 5, we did 45 minutes in zone 4.  Not consecutive 45 minutes, mercifully, but in three sets of sets.  The first was three 5-minute intervals with 3 minutes recovery between intervals; second was five 3-minute intervals with one minute; third was 15 one-minute intervals with one minute recovery in between.  The second set was the hardest physically, the third was the hardest mentally.  Because we got three minutes off between intervals during the first set, it didn't feel so bad.  With two or three one-minute intervals to go, I felt so overheated that I took off my sleeveless base layer and rode topless.  The difference in core temperature was palpable: my RPE dropped by about 0.75, and I rode the last interval at 10% greater power level than the earlier intervals.  That (lower core temperature) and knowing that it was the last interval...

Marissa, the instructor, responded to my post-class wardrobe propriety question with an understanding shrug and said she doesn't mind my going topless.  Bottomless may create problems, she cautioned, smiling.  I promised to keep my pants on. 


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