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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Redemption of Sorts

Today's class was notable for its similarity to a class I did -- tried to do -- about six weeks ago.  After two of four sets of intervals I was done.  Today, remembering that experience, I wondered whether I'd be able to complete the class.  The class consisted of four 12-minute intervals, each consisting of four rollers, ridden in a fixed gear of sorts.  We went at our base speed and cadence on flat for a minute, climbed for a minute at a lower speed and cadence, then descended in a higher speed and cadence for a minute at gradually increasing power/resistance levels.  Four rollers constituted one 12-minute interval.

I was pretty cooked after first two sets of intervals, but I was only cooked medium-rare and was inspired to continue.  After another, I was cooked medium, and after the fourth I was done medium-well.  Glad I didn't have to go into well done.  I must be fitter -- I completed this workout!


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