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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Can't Ride 55 (36-38)

We made a quick getaway to Santa Barbara for an FVC booster shot.  I worked on wearing out the small chainring on my Spectrum 1.  In the 2:40 I rode over three days, I spent less than 20 minutes in the big ring -- intentionally.  Ninety-eight percent of my riding was on flat roads, perfectly suited for big ring mashing, but I wanted to concentrate on spinning, so I was in 30x14 a lot, most of the time at cadences over 96 rpm.

As for the the title of the post, my rides were 50, 50, and 60 minutes.  That's riding.  Driving home from Santa Barbara was atrocious -- it took an hour to get through Salinas, averaging 6mph -- thank you Monterey traffic and the idiot who put up a huge hand-made billboard in north Prunedale complaining about a government land grab that obviously slowed down traffic.  We went from 15mph to 60 immediately after passing his damn sign.  It would have been nice to drive 55, but NOOOO!  The drive to Santa Barbara took under 5 hours and included a lunch stop.  The drive back took 6:30!


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