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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Home Ride

Got off the plane early enough for a 33-minute trainer ride at home.  Fitting length for my 33d ride.  This trainer ride's only measurement apparatus was my watch.  No speed, no cadence, no power, no distance, no heart rate.  With National Swimming Championships on TV, the 33 minutes flew by quickly.  I love watching my childhood sports.  I haven't swum competitively since I was 10, but I feel a connection to the sport when I watch it.  Same with track meets, tennis, soccer.  Volleyball, not so much because even women play a completely different game than I did as a kid.  My volleyball was pretty much below the net and errors far outnumbered kills.  But swimming, running, jumping and kicking the ball -- I can relate.  Even tennis.  I've been blown off the court by some of the best regional junior players.  With a lot more training and talent, on a very good day, I might have belonged on the court with them :-)


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