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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hundred Times Legally Drunk... +1

One month and one day down, less than eleven to go.  One month is a twelfth of the goal or 8.5%, one hundred times the legal limit.  Not that funny, just enjoying numbers.

Yesterday (Sunday) I puttered around the house most of the day.  At Jessica's urging, I finally got out at 5:04 p.m. -- the latest I've started a ride on this streak.  Only had time for 40 minutes, so I climbed Tunnel in the big ring.  A tailwind helped.  It was hard at times, but always manageable.  Felt encouraged that I could do it reasonably comfortably.  Was out of time, so turned around and descended Broadway Terrace.  Broadway Terrace feels like a short-cut, but is very windy (windy, not windy -- OK winding) and requires so much braking that it seems to take a long time to descend.

Traveling for work tomorrow, so decided to go hard in class today because I won't be able to do a hard class tomorrow.  In class, did everything prescribed and felt good doing it.  Feeling optimistic about recovering my form.  Hope my flight home tomorrow leaves on time, so I can squeeze in a home trainer session late in the evening.  Riding stupid early is also an option, but I have a 6:50 a.m. flight, so it would have to be really stupid early.


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