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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Five More

On Sunday, Jessica and I did a mellow half an hour neighborhood ride.  We took it easy up and down neighborhood hills on a lovely, sunny day.

On Monday, I did easy 40 minutes in class, finally feeling like I'm getting over my cold.  So, on Tuesday, I came to class half an hour early and rode gradually harder, feeling all right.  I stayed in class through the warm up, which at times can be harder than many of the intervals.  With about 50 minutes in my legs, I called it a day, not wanting to overdo it.

On Wednesday, I continued increasing intensity, doing the warm up and and one and half intervals.  That was enough for then.  And today, i increased intensity some more, doing the warm up and 2.8 intervals.  After two weeks of zero intensity, followed by a third day of increasing intensity, so by the third interval I just didn't have it.  So I took a break in the middle of the interval, then came back and finished it off.  For ride 262 that was enough.


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