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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Approaching Double Digits

Without noticing, this week I went past ride 266, which means I have fewer than 100 rides remaining.  I was vaguely aware of this fact and hoped to celebrate 266th ride but the weather has been crap.  Since I'm unwilling to risk getting sick so close to a double, I have been riding indoors.

Ride 265 was a slow recovery leg-turner at home.  Ride 266, actually, was a 33-minute outdoor ride in the dark in the neighborhood after work.  I went to the south side of Moraga Avenue and rode around Piedmont on streets I don't know well.  It was a nice, calming experience.

Ride 267 kicked my butt.  I did a full class, but had to ratchet down my cadence to complete all the intervals.  Perhaps illness-related deconditioning combined with a hard class.  I had several episodes of head rush in the evening.  If that's a measure of strenuous exercise, the class was strenuous indeed.  Ride 268 was a recovery ride after ride 267.

OK, I just did the math forward and backward and somewhere in tracking rides I gained 10 rides, where I shouldn't have.  The correct number is 258, not 268.  Oops.  Ride 268 will be Solvang Double.


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