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Friday, January 27, 2012

What's the 211?

The 211 was 75 minutes at Velo, doing climbs alternating with steady state efforts.  Climbs felt almost easy -- yes, I my tire pressure and trainer calibration were fine, thank you -- while the steady state efforts felt easier as they went along even though I pushed the last one well into zone 4 for five minutes.  I am sure that these good sensations, as the Euros call them, had much to do with the lowest classroom temperature I've experienced in my 13 months at the club.  Very excited to have ridden so strongly.  A bit disappointed with the realization that my body is not great at temperature regulation and I probably need to wear less to prevent overheating -- brrrr.  Cautiously hopeful that the club will keep temperature down at its new location around the corner and up two blocks, starting on day 214.


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