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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Inside and Out

Inside (ride 209) was nothing much, just a 35-minute spin at the gym.  I tried to keep my cadence up and power down while others in the class worked hard.

Ride 210 was memorable, however.  For some time, I've admired this Palmans-Collstrop jersey.  I've looked for it half-heartedly from time to time, never trying terribly enthusiastically.  It's obscure enough that it was never available widely and when I saw it, it was priced silly high.  Last week, I googled the jersey for some reason and found it available in my size, steeply discounted.  I pounced and it arrived yesterday.  It fits perfectly, it's lightly fleecy, making it warm but not too warm, just perfect for riding almost year-round in the Bay Area, which has no winter and no summer.

I wore it this on this morning's very foggy, not wintry ride, and I will say unabashedly that I looked mahvellous.  Perhaps inspired by my dress blue, I rode mahvellously.  Yeah, it was so foggy that it drizzled and visibility stunk, but I just spun up hills and took it REALLY easy on descents, which I could barely see.

I had such a good time that I really wanted to ride more today, seriously considering going to the gym for an interval session, but decided to abstain.  Better to have a good ride and want more than do too much and be wasted.


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