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Monday, January 16, 2012

200 Backwards

Today was ride number 200.  Jessica and I did 20 miles on the Bay Trail, round-trip from Berkeley-Emeryville border to Richmond.  Crystal-clear and a bit chilly day with light winds and gorgeous views of the bay, Marin, East Bay hills, Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco in wonderful company.  A great way to celebrate number 200.

Ride 199 was and easy half an hour on the trainer.

Ride 198 was a minor epic.  Jeff came to Oakland and we rode to the top of Mt. Diablo and back.  It cool leaving my house, then quite warm climbing Tunnel, the freezing from the foot of North Pinehurst to the foot of Diablo (north side), then we had good climbing temperatures.  I felt pretty good until the North Gate-South Gate junction, where my climbing legs deserted me and I slowed down.  Made it to the top without major problems and we retraced out steps to the house with a minor detour of South Pinehurst, Redwood, and Skyline.  I drank and ate inadequately and probably paid for it on the climb.  I only went through two bottles of fluids and one flask of gel.  Obviously, not enough.

Ride 197 was half an hour on the trainer on Friday.

Ride 196 was a leg ripper early Thursday morning.  Brian declared at the outset that he was feeling tired, then proceeded to attack repeatedly.  I had legs just good enough to follow.  I almost wish I'd felt worse and hadn't followed.

Ride 195 was a Wednesday class.  It was hard enough that I couldn't do the last interval, so I just sat on the bike and turned the legs enthusiastically, but much slower and at minimal resistance.  We did simulated climbs that became progressively harder and longer with very short breaks.  I think it was the short breaks that did me in.

Rides 194 and 193, were a class that's very hazy in my memory and half an hour at home respectively.


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