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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Out and Out

On Friday, I did half an hour in the neighborhood, up and down hills.  Since the neighborhood is just about all hills and no flats, the ride was about mostly hills, since I spent 80-85% of the time climbing and rest descending.  Physics.  As Jeff Meredith said, "I have a love-hate relationship with gravity."  I climbed semi-aggressively, which felt pretty good and I did not worry about Saturday's 3-4 hour group ride.

On Saturday, I rode with Brian, Howie, David, and Todd.  We climbed Spruce, descended Wildcat, did San Pablo Dam to Castro, where we turned east and went toward the Bears.  Up and down Mama Bear, then over Happy Valley into Lafayette for coffee at Papillon, then up Moraga Road into Moraga, then up Pinehurst back to Oakland.  Since I don't have a computer on the Llewellyn, which I rode, I estimate the ride's distance at 156 Vladometers.  A fun and windy way to spend 3.5 hours with friends.


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