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Sunday, December 4, 2011

157 Bottles of Beer

Santa Ana winds finally died down and we had a perfect December fall (? -- yes) day: mid to high 60s in the sunshine, cool in the shade.  Jessica and I walked our dog on Dunn Trail in Oakland hills for 90 minutes.  We did flat, we did, up, we did down -- it was the longest dog walk I've done since my ankle accident.  I intentionally stepped on berms in the trail to make my ankle turn in and out to test it and it did just fine.  By the end of the walk my back had had enough, but the ankle was ready to keep going.

Nice weather continued into the afternoon, so I did what any self-respecting cyclist would do -- I took a nap.  Got up after an hour and a half, dressed, and went for a 45-minute ride at self-conversational pace.  It was still very pleasant, albeit by then it was knee-warmers weather and I had to turn on the lights for last 10 minutes of the ride.

With dinner, I had a 158th beer, Chimay, to celebrate the preceding 157.

P.S. Speaking of ankle accidents, Sophie wants to go skating on Tuesday -- yay!


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