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Friday, July 15, 2011

Number 15: The Commuter

This bike is the older sibling of my commuter, of which I don't have a photo.  The commuter is identical in color and size, except that it has fenders, fat tires, and red handlebar tape.

Another ride to the ferry.  Today I had to hustle, having left the house late, and found myself sprinting over and over again to make it through the intersection on yellow light.  Having left late, I felt I had to take Broadway, the shortest route to the ferry.  Broadway's surface over a half a mile stretch from College Avenue to MacArthur Boulevard is atrocious: multiple potholes merging into two-inch deep troughs running through most of the right lane.  To ride safely, one must ride on the left-most edge of the right lane and it helps to run really fat tires -- I am.  It also helps that Broadway is a six-lane road, so cars traveling in the same direction have plenty of room to pass.  Then, of course, there's bus-pedestrian-car gridlock over a quarter-mile stretch between Telegraph and I-880 over/underpass.  This bike commuting business that's supposed to be good for the environment and for my health may be good for the environment, but I find it damned stressful -- what with dodging potholes and human and automotive road obstacles.  Time to look for alternate routes.

As I rode to the ferry, it occurred to me that 2012 is a leap year, so this project will be 366 rides rather than 365.  I think that if I make it through 365 successfully, riding on the 366th day will not be a problem.

This week's rides have been about exercise (VeloSF) and transportation (commuting).   This weekend's rides will be about aesthetic pleasure (views, views, views) AND exercise -- just the way I like them.


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