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Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend 100 and One

Having ridden 83 miles on Saturday, I wanted to ride at least 17 on Sunday to make it 100 for the weekend.  I didn't get out until the end of the first quarter of the super bowl.  Rode easily past Steam Trains to the top of Grizzly, then back.  Upon return, messed around the neighborhood for half a mile to get to 17 miles, achieving this modest goal.  Legs weren't much after Saturday's long ride, so I didn't push it.

Today, I did a very much recovery ride at the gym in low zone 1.  Tomorrow is day 222.  I'm celebrating it by hiding from the rain in the gym for a 90-minute class.  If today's class's agenda is any indication, tomorrow we'll be doing rollers.  They hurt.


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